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I'm Jeanne May from Perth, Western Australia. I'm a psychologist and hypnotherapist, and have always had a leaning towards anything that increases my inner awareness and contributes to my personal and spiritual development.

For many years, I was a bereavement counsellor and educator, facilitated workshops on loss and grief, worked with a Hospice and lectured at University in a course called "Understanding Dying".

My working life took a completely different direction when my poetry book, "Intertwinings", was published in 1998. For the next few years, counselling was temporarily shelved as I pursued my creative side with designing and printing stationery, and promoting "Intertwinings".

In 2004, I returned to psychology and began counselling adults with a variety of life issues including chronic fatigue, depression, relationship problems, and midlife crises.

2007 saw the achievement of two of my major goals: "Outer Mongolia... no longer a fantasy", my second book, is published. And throughout the year I completed a Web design course and have created my own website... Aspirations Plus.

Another thing, I was born with a condition called spinal muscular atrophy (type 1b), have limited strength, have always been in a wheelchair, require much assistance for all my activities throughout the day, and have significant breathing problems.


I enjoy listening to a wide range of music, reading and listening to spiritual and personal development material, and I'm energised by trees, nature and the ocean. I love my work and enjoy learning new skills. Personal and spiritul development are of particular interest to me both personally and professionally. My focus over the last few years has been helping others uncover their potential, identify what they want out of life and assisting them achieve their goals and dreams. My other interests and achievements revolve around travel: in 1995, I travelled to Outer Mongolia for my 40th birthday; in 2004 I holidayed in France and Italy, and in 2006 I journeyed to Sydney.